Performance Starters

PSA to Bert Bell Housing starter

This unit lasts up to 1000% longer than competitor starters. The application includes late model racing for racers using Bert brand Bell Housings. PSA plans to release modifications to allow fitment to Brinn and Falcon Bell Housings soon! (click to view full-size picture).

Bosch Cup Starter

This starter is used in Cup series and other related applications. The F02U.V00.095-12 is very robust, designed specifically for high vibration resilience in professional racing applications. Variants are available in clock wise and counter clock wise rotation. (click to view full-size picture).

Bosch Starters

Bosch Starters

Bosch has been a major supplier of starters to Original Equipment vehicle manufacturers for over 100 years. Securing OE certification requires strict adherence to stringent precision and performance criteria. These same exacting criteria are also applied in the manufacturing of all Bosch aftermarket starters. Bosch Premium Starters are quality built and 100% factory tested to ensure years of reliable performance, even under the most extreme operating conditions. We are a Bosch Authorized Dealer.

PSA Performance Starters

PSA Performance Starters

All our Racing Starters are manufactured especially for extreme demand. Each unit is built to last using the highest quality materials and the most technologically advanced processes. Every component used to build our Starter motors is subject to our rigorous performance quality standards. PSA Starters are specifically engineered and built to deliver superior starting and performance.

Starters for Motosprts

Starters for Motorsports

Racing subjects all products and components to extremely high demands. High speeds, high RPM and severe harmonics requires racing starters to function at a much higher performance threshold. Our Starters are made to withstand the extreme rigors of racing! Please contact us if you need a high performance replacement starter for your vehicle! We will gladly test your old starter and offer the best solution for your needs and budget .

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